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Published By Shireen Badar On Jan 9, 2018
Category : Action

"SHOLAY WINTER STORM" is an action game, In this game two heroes are there who are hired by the Thakur.
You have to Control both of them and help them to save the villagers from the terror of Gabbar.
But Presently First and Second person are going somewhere and are all alone, Gabbar and his army is following the train and trying to kill them.
So you have to help First and Second person to shoot the army and Gabbar.
but be carefull while shooting because Gabbar and his army is not alone.
They have Basanti, Mausi and Thakur with them and all three of them are on there.
So avoid shooting them. This will lead to decrement in score.
You have limited number of bullets, so shoot very sharply and perfectly.
if you lose your bullets,reload it using the button provided on screen.

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