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Terminator Demolition Attack

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Published By Moong Labs On Feb 3, 2014
Category : Action

See the world through the eyes of the Terminator. 

Machines are back in action! A mission to save our planet Earth! The wicked enemies are out to destroy planet Earth again. Human beings need another great help- a Machine power to join forces together to protect the Earth. Your role is to protect earth with the help of a jet fighter. Beware of trucks on the Earth. These are fully loaded with missiles

Download this FREE Java app.

* Will keep you wrapped up for hours.
* Endless game mode for improving your skill.
* Rich graphics.

* Press 4/6- To move jet left/right.
* Press 5- To fire missiles.
* Touch the screen left/right- To move the plane left/right.
* Tap on jet- To fire missiles.

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