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Nights of desire

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Published By Nidhi On Jan 9, 2012
Category : Blackberry Software

Nights of Desire

By: Marilyn Lee

Book 1

Nine years after the death of her fiancé shattered her hopes of love, marriage and kids, thirty-year-old Tempest Marshall feels her biological clock ticking away. Afraid she will never love again, she decides to become a single mother — giving her child her dead lover's name. Her plan to carefully choose a stranger to father her child is upset when the morning after the annual office party she wakes naked in her boss's bed.

Layton Grayhawk has been impatiently waiting until time and circumstances finally contrive to land the woman of his fantasies just where he wants her — in his arms and bed. Just as things finally seem on track for him to claim her as his own, she reveals her plans — plans that threaten to tear the two apart.

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