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Published By Aabha87 On Mar 30, 2011
Category : JAVA Software

To reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke, monitor and maintain healthy Blood Pressure and Cholesterol levels with HandyLogs. Most Blood Pressure and Glucose meters can store readings. What are the benefits of using HandyLogs. •It is in your pocket and always accessible. •Visualize your progress through graphs. Its more meaningful then rows of numbers. •See the complete picture by combining various factors affecting your health such as Diet, Exercise, Medication, Body Weight, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Glucose A1C results and more. •Never run out of space. Keep multiple years of data. •Never loose your data by keeping a backup. •Concerned about the health of a loved one, this product can let you track their health remotely. •Busy professional can stay on tack by getting help from physician, family or a buddy to check on you regularly.

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