Agent Orange 1 - Buggy Day

Flash Game Details
Published On Feb 12, 2011
Category : Arcade Games
Total Played : 2384

Agent Arancio is an origional retro-arcade style game built for the old school and new age of gamer. Your hero must survive 19 waves of pure adrenaline pumping, challenging action in this new shooter from Cerebral Fix. It features origional artworks from Kevin Hsu and an origional soundtrack from Gotenks

Instructions :
Keyboard controls: Use the arrow keys to move. Use A & S to shoot different directions. Mouse controls: Use the mouse to move. Use Left mouse to shoot. Use mouse scroll wheel to change shoot direction. Right click to change game options. The keyboard controls can be used with mouse controls

Controls :
{"A": "Shoot Horizontally", "Mouse Scroll Wheel": "Toggle Shoot direction", "fire": "na", "Mouse Move": "Move", "jump": "na", "Left Mouse Button": "Shoot", "S": "Shoot Vertically", "Arrow Keys": "Move", "movement": "arrow"}


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