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Published By Sanjeev On Nov 25, 2011
Category : Action

Get your gloves on and get ready to brawl! Amazing action and stunning graphics bring the classic match-up to life: Rocky vs. Apollo. Mickey can give you tips, but he can't fight for you. It's up to you to undergo the intense training necessary to have a chance against Apollo Creed. If you're a boxing fan, a Rocky fan, or just a fan of great games, then Rocky 3D: Apollo's Fall is a must have for your mobile phone. Take part in a duel at the world famous Rocky vs. Apollo. Now it depends on whether you are practicing hard and defeat in the fight against Apollo Creed. If you're a fan of boxing or combat sports, this Rocky ® 3D: Apollo's Fall is a game that we have! The training section is surprisingly good fun in places. The strength mini-game, for instance, sees you working the punch bag by landing the correct blows as they are called out against a timer. The blows themselves are divided into jab, punch and body, each of which has left and right variants assigned to the '1', '4' and '7' and the '3', '6' and '9' keys, respectively, with the '2' key assigned to uppercuts. The twist is that the punches are called out by their name instead of their relevant key (i.e. left jab, right body) meaning that you need to know your way around the controls like the back of your boxing glove. The speed mini-game, on the other hand, isn't quite as much fun, and effectively boils down to having to simply hit the '4' or the '6' key as soon as your sparring partner's guard is down. The last of the three mini-games, then, is a basic sparring match which sees you going up against a seemingly tireless practice combatant in order to hone your pugilistic skills for the big fight, as well as boosting your endurance. The controls for sparring are the same as in the strength training, with the addition that you can circle your opponent with the thumbstick and block with the '8' key. Playing any of these training mini-games enables you to work on your attributes so as to make it easier to floor Creed in the Championship mode. As predictable as a Rocky plotlines, the main event itself is exactly the same as the sparring mini-game with the only difference being you're in an arena as opposed to a gym, and you're fighting the far more aggressive Creed. For 240x320

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