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Published By Moong Labs On Sep 10, 2014
Category : Action

High-end, immersive game play!

Are you bored with regular sniper shootout games?

Let's try something different. Try this new sniper game. It's a bad sniper in Sniper Force.

It's an early morning. A military bus which looks like an ordinary bus is fully loaded with high-tech weapons and ammo and it is going under protection of cops and military. You are playing a role of bad sniper and helping enemies to hijack that bus. The battle scene is just like Cross Fire, do you like playing Cross fire? Come and enjoy this game! Defeat those damn cops, blow them off, hijack the bus from cops. Catch me if you can, cops! Wahoo!

To score maximum target all the vehicles,helicopters etc and shoot them.
This game is little bit different and the most craziest game. It's a war one vs many. Download this FREE Java app now.

+ Amazing graphics and animations
+ Combination of strategy + defense
+ Easy to learn and play

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