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Car Jump - Stunt

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Published By Naam Studios On Jul 17, 2014
Category : Action

It’s time to save the world and become a hero - in Car Jump

Your car is not a simple car. It can perform various actions like-jumping,shooting etc. The space war has just become even more intense. This futuristic adventure will have you flying through the galaxy at the speed of light - can you become the coolest shooter to shoot the alien spaceships. Become a hero of the galaxy as you speed towards Earth - to save it from Aliens. Now, only one question remains: will do it in time? Car Jump is a game where it’s all about to save your galaxy.

Download this FREE Java app.

+ Will keep you wrapped up for hours.
+ Easy to learn and play
+ Ultra smooth controls
+ Experience the sensation of firing with your car.
+ Amazing graphics and animations
+ Take a tour in your galaxy

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