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Army Gun Strike - Free Game

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Published By Moong Labs On May 5, 2014
Category : Action

Try this real and adventurous shooting game.

Strike Force is a simple and amusing game, which can be tricky sometimes. At the same time with some practice, you can overwhelm the "adversaries" effortlessly! Enemies are falling from sky with parachutes. You have to shoot your enemies. They want to grab your territory.

Download this FREE Java app.

+ Fun in play
+ Awesome graphics and game concept.
+ Easy to learn and play
+ Ultra smooth controls
+ Will keep you wrapped up for hours.

Press 4/6 in keypad - To move the gun Left/Right
Press 5 in keypad - To fire bullets
Tap Left/Right side screen - To move the gun Left/Right
Tap on Gun - To fire bullets

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