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Published By Harry On May 14, 2012
Category : Others

She was the one…

As soon as his flesh touched hers, Bren felt as if an electric current had been set loose

within him.

No wonder he had been so strongly called to her. No wonder the very sight of her damn

near made him crazy.

Miranda Lynch was the only woman in this world he could bond with, the only woman in

existence who could save him from being the last of his kind. He‟d thought this special woman

his mother had always told him would come one day was a myth, and yet here she was, standing

before him with her hand in his.

There was no place in this world for the Korbinians, not anymore. Their time had passed.

Logically he could dismiss Miranda Lynch; rationally he knew what she promised would never

work. But a primitive instinct he could not deny now accepted this woman as his, and he wanted

her so sharply that he could think of nothing else.

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