A way of looking at banner ads is as "branding" tools. They create brand awareness, and a brand image in the viewer's mind, whether or not the viewer clicks on the ad. But hopefully, when the viewer gets ready to make a purchase, those "impressions" (a wonderful ad agency buzz word!) will cause you to select Coca Cola over Pepsi, or Barnes and Noble over Amazon, or JCrew over Lands' End. Branding is very difficult to measure, but can be very powerful. Typically, only the larger and better-established companies have the budget to pursue branding consistently. Brand awareness is sometimes measured in surveys with questions such as: "What brand names can you recall in the field of tennis?"

Banner ad - An ad graphic hyperlinked to the URL of the advertiser. These are sometimes static graphic images, but animated rich-media banners do much better. The most common banner size used to be 728 x 90 pixels (Full Banner). In fact, I don't see people following these IAB size recommendations very closely. You'll see a lot of 125x125 (Square Button) on sites, too.

How Do You Measure Success?
You'd think that success would be easy to measure, but advertising has never been a simple art. Ad agencies have their unique self-serving spin, advertisers set their own objectives, and banner ad designers see something else again.

Creativity - "Ad-speak" for the actual banner graphic.•Click -- When a visitor clicks her mouse on a banner ad, she is transferred to the advertiser's site. The number of responses to a banner ad is sometimes refereed to as the number of "clicks."

Lower Cost Approaches
What this means is that banner advertising on a CPM basis can be expensive. First, you need to determine what cost per sale you can afford and then consider.We at Mrpopat.com charge you a fixed amount on monthly basis no matter how many impressions or click you get.

Don't count banner ads out yet. Developing an effective banner ad strategy may bring thousands of people to your site who will become your customers.

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