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Noor Traffic Racer

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Published By Shireen Badar On Sep 4, 2018
Category : Sports

"Noor Traffic Racer" is an ability game with puzzle elements.
The way of playing is very simple.
For children will seek to improve its response capability, motor skills and reflexes.
The way of playing is very simple.
The screen is a road on which cars are at the top and at the bottom there are several of traffic lights, initially in red.
The player has to tap on the traffic lights in order to turn green the light and let the cars can continue driving.
If there are 4 cars in one lane and another arrives, the game is over.
Let your children play. They love cars, but surely at the beginning they will have many traffic jams.
Let's go to control the traffic !!
Let's do "Noor Traffic Racer"!!

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