Handmade Soap with Goat's Milk, a new product in the soap industry

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Published By Sentinel News On Sep 14, 2019
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The craze for natural handmade soaps in Assam is slowing budding up in the market. Reports also state that there has been widespread craze among the youth in the state who prefers to use handmade soaps instead of normal body soaps which are easily available in the market.

Meanwhile, Meet Aradhana Sarma from Jorhat who has been working on her passion for different skin care products has turned out to be one of the most self-reliant business woman from her District. Completing her degree from Sophia College in Mumbai, she started her job at corporate sector and later returned back to Assam in 2018 and pursued a course and learned to make handmade soaps.

Recently, she has also come up with handmade soaps made of Goat's milk, Aloe-vera, Coal, Olive oil, Coconut oil, Papaya, etc.

In Guwahati, her products are available at Elite Industries, By the way (Restaurant near Dighalipukhuri), Keen Craft etc.

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