Spoken English class for Mayors of Mumbai.

Sakharam khurpe:- SPOKEN ENGLISH
Published By Sakharam khurpe:- SPOKEN ENGLISH On Apr 17, 2018
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1931–1932 Mr. J. B. Boman Behram
1932–1933 Mr. V. N. Chandavarkar
1933–1934 Dr. Moreshwar Chintaman Javle
1934–1935 Mr. Hooseinally M. Rahimtoola
1935–1936 Mr. Khurshed Framji Nariman
1936–1937 Mr. Jamnadas M. Mehta
1937–1938 Dr. Elijah Moses
1938–1939 Mr. Sultan M. Chinoy
1939–1940 Mr. Behram N. Karanjia
1940–1941 Mr. Mathooradas Tricamjee
1941–1942 Dr. Joseph A. Collaco Member of the Corporation 1929-1952
1942–1943 Mr. Yusuf J. Meherally
1943–1944 Dr. M. D. D. Gilder, Mr. M. R. Masani
1944–1945 Mr. Nagindas T. Master
1945–1946 Dr. Jos. Alban D'Souza
1946–1947 Mr. Mohamedbhoy I.M. Rowjee
1947–1948 Mr. A. P. Sabavala
1948–1949 Dr. M. U. Mascarenhas
1949–1950 Mr. S. K. Patil
1950–1951 Mr. S. K. Patil
1951–1952 Mr. S. K. Patil
1952–1953 Mr. Ganpatishankar N. Desai
1953–1954 Dr. P. A. Dias
1954–1955 Mr. Dahyabhai V. Patel
1955–1956 Mr. N. C. Pupala
1956–1957 Smt. Sulochana M. Modi Indian National Congress First woman mayor of Mumbai
1956–1957 Mr. Salebhoy Abdul Kader
1957 - 1957 Dr. Simon C. Fernandes

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