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Published By Mansi On Dec 5, 2011
Category : JAVA Software

Generate mouse clicks or mouse movement on your computer from any browser.

Control your computer from your PDA! Display is optimized for small screen, and forms are tested with PocketIE using stylus!

Make popups disappear with your PDA while watching movie!

Controll music/movie player on you PC with your PDA!

No install required. Download and start! (An installed JRE is required though.)


With this program your computer can be remote controlled by any browser with access to your computer including your PocketIE on your PDA, or with any other W3C compatible browser.


Client requires PocketIE or any other W3C compatible browser. Java and Java support is not required but recommended. There is no stand alone client program!

Server requires Java SE 6 installed.

The client should be able to access the server of course. Typically it's a PDA with WiFi access. Bluetooth, infra or USB is not directly supported, but any program that can share the network connection through these will theoretically work.

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