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Published By Aabha87 On Apr 21, 2011
Category : JAVA Software

You can use 'Thasbeeh Counter' for counting thasbeeh, dikr, etc. You can store multiple values by creating multiple counters using 'Counters' menu. * Exit: Save active counter value (if 'Save on Exit' is enabled in Settings) and exit. * Save: Save active counter value. * Count: Increment count(or decrement). * Reset: Set active counter value to 0. * Reload: Set active counter to last saved value. * Settings: Launch 'Settings', where you can set beep interval, enable or disable beep and vibration, change count direction, enable count on any key press, change count key layout, etc. If 'Count' button is not visible", " try different 'Key layout' options. If none of them shows 'Count' button on screen, enable 'Count on any key press' option. * Counters: Launch 'Manage Counters', where you can create, delete, rename, reset, load, and update counters.

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