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Published By Anup Sahni On Jul 26, 2012
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Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 3.0 or later

***A Top 100 app in over 60 countries worldwide***

Record incoming and outgoing calls anywhere in the world. Each recording can be upto 1 hour long. The mp3 links to your recordings are emailed instantly. The recorder calls your registered number 5-10secs after setup-so, you can start a new call then by placing it on hold and merging later OR you can merge it into an ongoing call. When you hang up, the recording is emailed to your registered address. You will hear an announcement when the recorder calls you. There are no beeps in the recordings and no party hears a beep during the recording.

US numbers should look like 14085551212. i.e. one followed by your area code followed by your tel#. Numbers outside the US should look like 0919880438525 i.e. zero followed by country code (91) followed by your phone number (9880438525)

The call recordings appear in a folder on the phone called "handsfree.ly Recorded Calls". It takes 5-10secs to refresh this folder with the latest recordings. You can choose to preview your recordings on the phone with the built-in streaming player.

We have included a free unlimited-length audio recorder called Mic. With Mic, your audio is streamed remotely as you record. When you press Stop, we generate the mp3 in 10-20secs. We recommend using Mic over WiFi.

You can download all recordings to your PC/Mac as mp3 files. We highly recommend using the online mp3 editor from Aviary

Online Audio Editor - Aviary.com's Myna

to edit your recordings. You can trim,loop,stretch,reverse, add sound effects and mix tracks using this simple online mp3 editor.

You get 5 call recordings when you install the app. Subsequently, you purchase a group of 3/6/12 recordings. You are prompted for your iTunes userid and password only once when you purchase a group of recordings. So, you save time and can get future recordings started much quicker.

These are some *** questions:

-You are not dialing anyone using this app; you merge the recorder's call on your iphone. So, the other party doesn't see a Recorder's callerid on their phone.

-We are reliable and consistently available. Your recordings happen in a very secure cloud env. With multiple telephony providers providing 24X7 service worldwide.

I got an "invalid" tel# message; whats going on?

You did not enter a valid tel# and email as described above. Pl. ensure your country code is accurate else the US tollfree# cannot reach your iphone. The Test button calls the tel# you enter to validate it (esp. for our huge international customer base). All test calls are free.

Why are my recordings blank?

The red record button initiates a call by the recorder. You need to merge this call into the call you want recorded. If you don't merge it, you get a blank recording!!

When I got a call from the recorder, I didnt see a Merge button; whats going on?

You probably have a CDMA network provider. On CDMA networks, the recorder's call will need to be answered before starting any other call to be recorded.

My carrier is T-Mobile. I dont see a Hold button to add calls. Help!!

On T-Mobile, you put a call on hold by pressing the mute button for 2-3 secs; then dial a new number.

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