Born of Fire TD

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Published On Feb 18, 2011
Category : Strategy Games
Total Played : 2277

Follow Sorgal, the Exiled Demon, and his companions in a crusade against Hells and Heavens.

Instructions :
This is a tower-defense and RPG hybrid. Seven heroes of four classes (demon incarnate, kitsune, king and shield-maiden) await your command in 40 battles. Slay monsters from the deepest pits of Hells to the fields of Heavens, using over 40 spells. Enjoy a detailed story of the sword&sorcery kind. Check the in-game help or the game guide for detailed informations.

Controls :
{"Q": "cycle the quality settings", "fire": "left_mouse", "J": "toggle monster HP", "M": "toggle music", "N": "toggle sound", "jump": "na", "P": "pause", "R": "toggle skill range for the selected hero", "Esc": "abort placing or interactive skills", "T": "open the skill tree for selected hero", "Arrows or WASD": "scroll map", "ALT+left click": "decrease a skill by one point (in the skill tree)", "movement": "arrow"}


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