MarBall Defence

Flash Game Details
Published On Feb 17, 2011
Category : Action Games
Total Played : 1451

Protect your land from the horde of evil balls! The goal of the game is to protect central area of the map from enemy balls by pushing them off with player controlled ball. If enemy ball reaches central area some amount of life is subtracted. Each ball pushed off earns you some amount of money. Sevelal kinds of upgrades can be bought with it.

Instructions :
Player's ball can be managed with mouse or keyboard arrows. Upgrades can be bought with Mouse Click or Numeric Keys.

Controls :
{"1": "Upgrade Mass", "fire": "na", "jump": "na", "3": "Upgrade Speed", "2": "Upgrade Radius", "5": "Nuclear Bomb", "4": "Slow Enemies", "7": "Add Health", "6": "Be Incredible", "movement": "arrow"}


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