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No Experience or huge amounts of time required - You can have this system working for you within 5 minutes... and it will spit out profits for you for weeks, months and even years to come, on 100% auto-pilot.

There's no software to download - You won't be stuck spending countless hours trying to figure out how this works.

This is your video! - You embed it to whatever web site you want and it will make you money every time.

It's FREE- You don't pay a dime for this - No Money required to making you money.

It's LOW tech - Kindergarten level stuff - If you know how internet works then you are in the money. It's ridiculously simple

It's never ending - OUR system is "upload and forget" - Set it in motion, forget about it, and your video views increases exponentially as time goes on... right along with your income.

You won't be asked or required to buy anything else - This is a complete system. No up sells, no upgrades, no bait and switch. You get everything

Wanna know the best part?
You (Yes You) can start making Rs.3000... Rs.6000... Rs15000 per day in less than 5 minutes from now! WOW millions to be earned without investing. Isn’t it Great.

Free Video Sharing
Large file size limit - 100 mb video file uploads
All Services are Free
Very few limits!

Your own video page and a special URL to access all your videos which you can share with anyone.

MrPopat offers video owners and distributors the chance to upload their videos and earn money.

Every time someone watches a video that you've uploaded or shared, you could make money.

It’s simple. Upload. Share. Earn.

The videos are hosted for free. No need to pay for the hosting. You give MrPopat the content, and in return MrPopat gives you the money as well as popularity.

It's really that simple to make money online using MrPopat.

If you have a lot of interesting videos or funny videos then upload it to MrPopat and start to make money online.

If you are good in making video tutorials, then why not make money with your video tutorials. Let your video earn money for you.

MrPopat program rewards you for creating and submitting great videos.

MrPopat licenses your videos if it’s that entertaining and pay you for every view.

Every time a viewer watches your video on MrPopat, you earn money. How much money you make? It depends.

What's the potential?

With well over millions of unique users monthly watching over millions of videos every month, MrPopat is perfectly placed to deliver the most receptive audience to the most entertaining content. Whether it's something spontaneous in your home or something you've scripted, if it entertains, news which you have captured on your cell phone, it has a place on MrPopat.

Upload your video now to Produce Rewards and start earning money.

Terms and condition

You should be a regular up loader.

You need to upload minimum 25 videos monthly to claim the revenue. Mind it that is just the minimum and not the upper limit.........So just go on unlimited and earn unlimited.


See to it that you have the full rights reserved to yourself when you upload a video.

The site where you have uploaded has the rights to host your video wherever it wants. This means that you have given the site non exclusive rights.

Videos that are too short are not acceptable and the same goes to long videos. Ideally the videos should be less than 6 minutes but in certain cases as per your requirement you can go for a longer duration video.

You should always have a backup of the video that you have submitted. The video sharing site does not guarantee the safety of your videos.

You create original videos suitable for online streaming.

You should not use any ways deliberately to increase your video views. We have systems to check that.

You own or have express permission to use and monetize all audio and video content that you upload—no exceptions.

The Most important condition it should comply with the community guidelines for uploading.

Your videos will be disqualified from the revenue sharing if it violates any of the above norms.

Good & Quality Videos

Acceptance of video is very important to make the video your source of income. The acceptance is related to a number of considerations.

Make sure that the characters in your video are fully agreed with the uploading of that video. It means that you should have complete rights of that video.

You must claim non-exclusive rights on the video. Hence, the MrPopat would be responsible to promote your video if found appropriate.

This is to be contemplated on the top priority that your video should not contain any adult, erotic, hateful and violent material. Hence, you should target all kinds of audience.

The qualification of the video is greatly dependent on the duration. If your video is too short or too long, there is the chance that it may be rejected by the audience.

The videos under the ownership of someone else will not only make you unable to earn money through that video, but that video may be disqualified too.

Hence, the video marketing is the best method that can make you earn money. You will have to struggle less but you will earn more.

Your account may be suspended if you upload videos which use any of the following without the explicit permission of the person who created or produced all material.

In case your video is rejected

Do not fret when your video is rejected. Watch the most popular videos and you will come to know the niche that people are interested in and the quality that is expected. You can contact to the administrator and ask for guidance. Administrators are glad to help you out. Keep on trying new ideas.

How much should I expect to make?

Some people that participate in the MrPopat advertising program make little or no money. Others make tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of rupees per year.

There are a number of factors that influence how much you can earn, including.

The size of your audience (i.e. how many people watch your show video).

The number of video views you receive.

The general subject matter of your video.

Age appropriateness (videos that are appropriate for general audiences often earn more than those appropriate only for adult audiences).

The geographic location of your viewers (viewers in the United States generally earn more money than viewers elsewhere in the world).

The best way to determine how much you will make through the MrPopat advertising program is to try it out. You can always turn it off later. Bear in mind, however, that revenue can often fluctuate from month to month.

How does MrPopat pay creators who participate in the advertising program?

MRPOPAT issues payments, two months after you accrue them. For example, earnings you made in January will get paid out in March.

If your revenue does not meet your minimum payment amount, this revenue will automatically roll over to the following month. We begin processing payments on the first business day of each month and mail them out within the first five business days.

You must have a positive balance of Rs.3000 to receive a payment from MrPopat. If it is less than Rs. 3000 it will be carry forwarded to the next billing cycle.

If you earn more than Rs.10000 in a single calendar month from the MrPopat advertising program (or any other MrPopat program) we cannot send payment until we receive a completed IRS Form W-9/ your income tax information from you, as required by Law.

Please note that we cannot send payment until we've actually received the money from our advertisers.

How MrPopat Helps You To Earn More Money

if we find your video interesting then we featured your video and publish in trendz video section.

We also share your video on different social networking site through which you get viral traffic to your video page.

We tell you about how you increase your video views like..

Catchy and suitable title

If your video has a suitable title then it will be a great for your video because user can easily search your video on our site as well as on search engine i.e. Google, bing, yahoo etc...

Proper description

If you mention what your video contain then users regularly start visiting on your video channel page.

Share your video

After uploading video you can share your video at social networking site, blogs, forums etc.. in 1 minutes. By utilising this 1 minute you can earn thousands of money. You know how it happens?

By sharing your video at multiple places, you actually increase the volume of audience who now able to watch your video, this would definitely increase your video views.

You can increase video views by emailing the link of your video to your friends

How much money you make

MrPopat will pay you Rs.3000 for every Ten Thousand views your video gets on our site and in multiples thereof. Payment starts after your video reaches 10,000 views.

MrPopat helps build your brand by marketing your content and making you money.

So if you have uploaded 25 videos per month and out of those
You can see above that we have just taken only 3 videos out of 25 uploaded by you for calculating your potential earnings.

For any query contact to support@mrpopat.in

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