$exy Car Wash plus Hot Girls = Banned Commercial 2013 New CarZigWheels Car TV Show 2013

Noor Khan
Published By Noor Khan On Oct 26, 2013
Category : Commercials
Duration : 00:28

CarZigWheels is collection of the best one of the coolest car commercials ever seen. The global automobile industry is dominated by a few international giant brands. Each brand delivers style, performance and world-class quality to acquire millions of customers worldwide and make their journey smooth, safe and classy.
This auto company is made in 21st July 1927 and its headquarters are in Munich Germany, in its production it made each and every type of cars that got the fame in the whole world, the production of the company showed that it is biggest car company in the world, its brands are very much expensive and beautiful and service is in the whole world.

2. Ford
The founder of the Ford Auto Company is Henry Ford in the 16th June 1903 and its headquarters are in Michigan U.S, Its service is also in worldwide and it is presenting the very outstanding models in the world so people like it due to the latest and classic models that made by the top auto engineers of the world, its latest best brand is 2012 Ford Mustang which got the fame due to the remarkable interior and exterior features.

3. Nissan Motor
In the World Nissan motors founded in 26th December 1933 in Yokohama Japan, its cars are unique and best in all classes due to beautiful and innovative design and strong interior power, In its history the founder of this company presented the first brand in 1914 and from it to now it has presented the top quality br

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