The Best Meditation Technique that can Create Miracles in your Life I Sadhguru Sakshi Shree

Sadguru Sakshi Ram Kripal Ji
Published By Sadguru Sakshi Ram Kripal Ji On Feb 11, 2020
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Everyone wants to know the essence of all the authentic techniques of meditation. They also want to know the best meditation technique prevailing all around today. In fact, meditation starts from being separate from the mind by being a witness. Becoming a witness is the only way of being separate from the mind. Witnessing just means see or watchnig. Watch this video by Sadhguru Sakshi Shree in knowing about the meditation technique that could bring miracles in your life.

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Sadhguru Sakshi Ram Kripal Ji, an enlightened master; popularly known as Sakshi Shree is the founder of Science Divine: The Science of Divine Living. The mission of Science Divine is to spread the message of love and meditation all over the world for creating a new humanity with sound body, sound mind and self realization that would live a life a life filled with everlasting happiness while simultaneously enjoying the fruits of material prosperity and riches. Sadhguru Sakshi Shree through his ‘spirituality simplified’ and’ scientific techniques for inner transformation’ has touched the lives of millions of people while helping them realize their optimum potential.

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