Simon Phillips With Indian Fusion band -Promo -Abhijith P S Nair,Sandeep Mohan,Mohini Dey

Abhijith P S Nair
Published By Abhijith P S Nair On Nov 12, 2019
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Duration : 00:59


"Sa Ma Ga Pa"

Sa Ma Ga Pa - This Name taken from Traditional indian music,

Sa -Music Note C
Ma- Note F
Ga- Note E
Pa- Note G

Ekalvya ( Duo collaboration of Abhijith P S Nair & Sandeep Mohan), focuses on Indian music and jazz music fusion.
Lengendry drummer Simon Philips played an amazing part,which took the song to more firm position .And Bass prodigy Mohini Dey did her part great ,keeping the groove in a steady manner.

The sound of this song is more ambient for introduction and verse .After the violin solo it goes to a amazing landscape that cannot be expected and leading to a guitar solo.which gives more of a jazz rock fusion vibes.violin is more concentrating on melody parts than improvising which adds to the song a great amount of texture.

We didn’t plan for a drum solo at the end,but when Simon made his solo part and send to us we were blown away by its authenticity.And the tone of his kit just represent his unique playing and articulation .

Abhijith P S Nair- Violin, Electric violin,songwriter
Sandeep Mohan-Electric guitar,songwriter
Mohini Dey-Bass Guitar
Simon Phillips-Drums
Recorded at - Abhijith P S Nair Studio(Violin and Electric Guitar),Mohini Dey Studio(Bass guitar),Simon Phillips Studio(Drums)
Mixed and Mastered - Don Murray (Don Murray Studios California)
Recording Engineer -- Abhijith P S
Album Art Design- Abhijith P S Nair & Sandeep Mohan
Video and Photography - Rohith Krishnan
Video recording studios : Sonic Island Studios


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