Complete SHOULDER MASS Workout! (Hindi / Punjabi)

Published By MY BOLLYWOOD BODY On Jul 12, 2018
Category : Fitness
Duration : 06:47

Advance Series. We now do a Advanced level Complete SHOULDER WORKOUT. An Advanced shoulder Workout to really hit those shoulders for full round shoulders. We cover several advance exercises including warm up and mass workout. We also cover some new exercises. Remember it's an advance workout so make sure you stretch a lot before and after workout.

The advance series for bodybuilding is to be followed after you have completed the Beginner series and the Intermediate series. In this series remember that you should do each cycle for 4 weeks before you move on to the next cycle. If you feel that you are advance level and have been working out for a long time you can follow this series then.

This is Cycle 3, we now do SHOULDER Workout for Round Shoulders. Remember in advance we go with a pro level pattern.

If you are a beginner start with this series below:

Then do Intermediate series here:

Then follow this advance series, each cycle for 4 weeks.

Its a step by step guide which will help you in get to the next level of Bodybuilding!

Following is what we performed in this video:
Front Raise (PLATE)
100 Reps Total

One Arm Arnold Press
4 Sets of 10-12 Reps

Barbell Push Press
6 Sets of 12 Reps

One Arm Cable Lateral Raises
3 Sets of 15 Reps (3 Sec Pause at top)

Bend Over Delt Fly
3 Sets of 15 Reps

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