Is California Teacher Stacie Halas Also Po*n Star Tiffany Six??

Published By avnish On Mar 9, 2012
Category : Entertainment
Duration : 00:40

This clip http://mrpopat.com/video_detail.php?id=14262 (Science Teacher Stacie Halas Scandal - KTLA - Brandi Hitt (03-07-12)) Brandi was reporting from the school last night cause the were having a board meeting.

California Science Teacher Is Also A Porn Star - PIX 11 (03-08-12)
Apparently Stacie Halas is Tiffany Six and has been removed from her job and placed on administrative leave after her alleged porn past came to light.

YAY for PIX doing a story Before KTLA Freaking Amazing! (unless ktla did it in the morning)
"If" this is her. There is nothing wrong with what she is doing. She gets put on administrative leave for doing something in her own time Off school grounds & such. Shes not breaking the law like some of the other teachers who have been in the media from that area over the past couple of months.

If it is her and gets lets go for this I hope she gets a nice chunk of change from the School District

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