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You choose your life: A unique new age spiritual method, do it yourself technique by Acharya Anuj Jain to analyze any life issue or problem, relationship issue and finding a solution by connecting to the vast intelligence of universe hidden inside you in the form of mind, body and soul using various occult sciences like astrology, hypnosis or hypnotherapy, motivation, healings through reiki and meditations, balancing environment by ancient principals of Vastu and Feng Shui, Past life regression therapy, channeling, NLP, inner child work and evoking the dormant powers of subconscious mind. The method of analyzing the life issue or problem to setting the path of therapy to solution or remedy is single pointed one approach “You Choose Your Life”.

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Date : Oct 10, 2010 | Category : Peoples/Blogs | Duration : 08:49

Enjoy normal sexual or physical pursuits
In Sutra 16 As Brahamrishi Subhash Patri Ji says: Some religions prescribe sexual abstinence .. as if it is a necessary pre-requisite for the cultivation of the spirituality ! This is far from true ! Sexuality is truly a source of human happiness .. and sexuality and spirituality are not mutually exclusive. Further we have to take care of our fellow being .. human and animal .. as much as possible !
What survives death of the physical body is only friendship. Relationships die with the physical body ! Friendships are the true ‘carry home baggage’ for any Soul ! For more information about meditation visit

Enjoy, normal, $exual, or, physical, pursuits

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